Steak Knives

I wanted some classic looking steak knives to go in my block with my other expensive knives. These Slitzer knives are attractive, easy to handle and cuts through meat nicely, but in my opinion they are not a utility sort of knife. They come in a set of 8.

Since there are plenty of knives in this set I use them as a casual steak knife and also for everyday use like cutting citrus fruits. These knives are good at finely cutting meat, easy prep work and for most quick cook jobs.

I do use my knives daily. Mind you they will not cut an apple as well as they cut meat. The sharpness is good and  they weighed perfectly. Handles are great, and easy to clean. The handles are not wood. I do not know what the handles are made of. However, the black handles have a mat, non-glossy finish. When gripping the handle it feels secure.
The rivets are stainless steel. I tested the rivets by jabbing one of them with one of my old steak knives, and it felt like steel, to me. It did not scratch or damage the rivets, upon testing. These knives could be washed in the dishwasher.

I would prefer it if these knives were more of a multipurpose steak knives set; however, they still deserve a five star as they are steak knives and do their job well.


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