Tie Rack by Suit & Sir

This is a nice sturdy tie rack. It was easy to install and came with all the parts you need for hanging it on the wall, like screws. It is made from solid mahogany wood and the pegs are made with durable strong brass.

This wall mount rack holds about 31 ties. The top surface is flat so you can place your other everyday accessories like watches, bracelets or earrings.

You can use this not only for ties but also for, necklaces, belts, bags and other hanging items.

Even though this rack is excellent and compact to hang ties, I bought this tie rack for another reason. I use it to hold necklaces in my closet. It is ideal to keep them in order and accessible to all my jewelry. I love that its made of wood, so it goes perfectly in my walk-in closet.
I will be getting another one for hanging my belts, so don’t just consider this for ties. You can even hang your hand bags or use it in the kitchen for organizing other hanging items.

I would have liked a little more space between the pegs, but otherwise, its a compact, attractive little rack, that does the job.


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