Zity T-shirts


Stuck with a wrong T-Shirt. I read other reviews about getting wrong design T-shirts from this seller on Amazon but did not pay much attention till it actually happened to me too.
I bought a blue T-shirt. There are two blue T-shirts under the same listing. One is “Blue” and the other is “Blue_1”.
The Blue one is a full blue T-shirt and has green color pattern on the shoulder and the Blue_1 is also blue but has green pattern in triangle shape on the body.
I ordered the Blue with green on the shoulders but got the one with green on the body. When I contacted the seller about this wrong order, after several email exchanges, he told me to contact Amazon as they shipped it. When I contacted a Amazon representative. I was told Amazon could not exchange it as it is sold by the seller and fulfilled by Amazon. He said I had to buy a new one, yada…yada. Wasted a lot of my time and energy on this one item with no solution.
So if you buy from this company and have any kind of issue with their product you are as good as stuck with what was sent to you.


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