Beaded seat cover

This comes in a set of two and has a beautiful design to it.
This Beaded seat cover is both attractive and practical. The beads are made from real wood and not some cheap plastic.
I used one for a seat on my computer chair. It does not stay put so you will have to tie it with a band or something to the chair. This seat cover helps keep the chair cool.
Since the beads are painted I am sure they will show some color wear with use. But it is very conformable.

After trying this on my chair I have decided to get a set for my car seat. I drive long distances frequently and this beaded backrest will provide a bit of support as well as a cooling feature.

I also have long standing muscular issues in my lower back and this thing is good at soothing me and it puts me just a little more away from the seat.

As opposed to the bead cushions that you drape over the seat, this is better. However, it does shift around a bit if you are in and out frequently. But once you have it where you want it, and are sitting on it, it pretty much stays put.

It also protects your car seat from daily usage. So for whatever reason makes you purchase this product, you won’t be sorry. In fact you’ll be smiling because it makes your back feel so good.


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