L’Oreal root cover up


I have a few strand of grey hair and do not like to color my whole hair everytime. I rather cover the roots regularly than color my whole hair each time.
The problem with my hair is that my gray hair tends to be drier than the rest of the hair. The spray softens the dry hair. This L’Oreal Paris Roots Cover Up is very easy to use, it is compact and can be carried in my handbag, it also does no harm to my hair and I can touch up my roots at home or where ever, in between salon visits. I got the dark brown shade and it goes well with my hair color.
They come in different shades, so you can get the color that is as similar as possible to your own processed color.
There is no much drying time. Dries up in like 3 seconds and it stays on till you wash your hair.
However I do not like the way it colors my scalp along with the hair but that is unavoidable when you are spraying the roots.
Thanks to L’oreal Paris, I got a free sample from Bzzagent for testing purpose.


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