Disposable Non-woven eyepads for Eyelash Tinting & Lash Extension


This pack comes with 150 pairs of line free, disposable, non-woven, non adhesive, under eye patches and instructions.
Most people use these eye pads/patches for eyelash extension, eyelash perming or eyelash tinting but I bought these for using when I apply my fiber mascara. The fibers tend to fall on my face while applying and mess my make up, which I have to fix the last moment.

I also use these pads after applying my serum and anti- aging cream under the eyes. These pads stick to the cream, so I don’t need to apply a medical tape or anything else for them to stay in place. The reason for me to put these after the serum and cream is because the skin absorbs the serum and cream better when it is sealed in.

The patches are really thin but next I am going to try to dip them in cucumber and lemon water, freeze them and place under the eyes for brighter eyes.

Basically if you don’t like them for one purpose you can use them in so many other ways!


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