Flexova, extra strength Joint Support


I have just been back from a vacation in Hawaii and with all the hiking and climbing there, I came back with extreme pain in my knees. I normally run miles a day- 7 days a week. But have never experienced this kind of pain before, where I had to regain balance and give my knees some time before I could walk normally. I guess climbing up and down the mountain slopes puts a different kind of pressure on the joints.

Luckily I had come across Flexova and read all the good reviews, so bought it. It took like five to six days for the pain to subside. I must say it has given me some relief and I am able to go back to my morning runs again.
I feel a little heavy headed though, kinda drowsy but I don’t know if it is because of this pills.

I also take Omega 3 for my joints which helps. I’ll update in case of any changes.


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