Sensation Professional Electric Straightener Brush

I have medium thickness shoulder length hair which tends to be on the frizzy side and this Sensation Professional Electric Straightener brush works well to straighten my hair.
This is a beautiful white hair brush. It comes with a free hair straightening comb and a pouch to keep the brush when not in use or while traveling.

The way it operates is, you select the temperature with the plus and minus buttons, you get a readout on the LCD. Then you press the main button which is for power on and power off, for 5 seconds to turn it on and heat it up to the chosen temperature. It had 7 different setting to choose from.
I have noticed that it heats up really fast like in a minute. If this brush is not used for 30 minutes then it turns off by itself.
I find that, in order to minimize frizziness, it’s best to use the lowest temperature you can get away with. Usually, I get the best results if I section out my hair like I do with an straightening iron. Few strands will take around 2-3 brush strokes before it’s straight to the point where I’m happy with it.
It has a automatic button lock at 450F to prevent accidental button pressing and over use. So there is no damage if I hit any buttons accidentally as I am using the brush.


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