Stone Feather Men’s Elbow Sleeve T-shirt



I like short sleeve sweat shirts but finding one for women that isn’t very high priced is difficult. Hooded long sleeves sweatshirts are easy to find but short sleeves not so.

Short sleeved, sweat shirts are not only difficult to find, it is also rare to find one that is well made and of quality material. This Stone feather T-shirt is inexpensive and of good quality. I find it nice-looking, comfortable, warm, and heavy enough. It has a different, finely textured, rugged, warm interior.

This is a little large on me but that is because I got a size bigger as I like loose fitting. It’s a little long in the body and sleeves too, but I expected that from the product description given. So it is actually true to size.

As for the weight it is definitely much heavier than a normal T-shirt. The material is extra thick and warm. Will be great for my morning runs as it has a lot room to move. It is also perfect for very cold winters and it’s better than wearing a bulky jacket.

I haven’t washed it yet so I can’t say if they shrink or not but in my opinion being of high quality they most probably won’t.

This gives you the comfort and warmth of a sweatshirt and the freedom of no long sleeves. Wish there were more color options in the size I chose.

Over all perfect for cold days when you don’t want your long sleeves to get in the way of your activity.


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