ChiroDoc 5V Heated Coccyx Cushion


This is a memory foam cushion which has a heating option. This ChiroDoc Orthopedic memory foam seat cushion is soft but firm at the same time and it contour to the shape of my body.

I like the way it supports my posture and makes me sit up straight. It comes with an blue washable cover and a heating pad inside that can be removed. However the heating is not very powerful and offers just slight heat enough to keep you warm. I don’t know if I got a defective one or it is supposed to be like that.

I bought this item because my lower back hurt when I stood up or bent down from my office or desk chair.

The material of the cushion cover looks nice, soft and classy. It is a blue velvet-like cover. Besides looking nice the material is very comfortable to sit on and has a dust mite resistant cover inside that seals off dust mites. It provides great lumbar support and allows me to sit up straighter in my chair which leads to proper spine alignment.


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