Dry Eye Relief and Support Formula

I have had lasik surgery some years ago and the doctor had recommended me to use eyes drops regularly which I do.
Actually all of us need to lubricate our eyes as the smoke, dust and other pollution in the air dries our eyes. I use the computer a lot, which means less blinking due to focusing on the screen for long hour. This tends to dry my eyes too. I am also very sensitive to light. I have not suffered any serious consequences though, that must be because I take Omega 3 regularly. I read the information in the product description of this product saying that Omega 3 acids with Vitamin A, E and C help in the production of tears. So I am guessing Omega 3 must have helped me. I take two capsules of this Nutra Pham eye daily with meals.
However I would suggest you talk to your doctor before taking these capsules.
The bottle suggests to take 2 to 4 capsules a day. I think 4 of any capsules is bit too much to take for me, so I am sticking to taking 2 capsules a day.
Actually its been a few days and I do feel my eyes not as dry as they used to feel before.


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