Waterless Car Wash and Wax

carwash 019.jpg

I am a first time user of waterless wash and am well satisfied with this product.This is an innovative product. It is easy to apply and wipe off. I followed the directions written on the back of the bottle. I sprayed a 2 ft. area and wiped right away before it dried.

It easily removes the dust on a slightly dirty car and leaves a shiny super slick surface. The product comes with a sprayer and fiber cloth. This sprayer perfectly applies the product with great coverage and control. Please be sure to use as many micro fiber towels as required and you’ll be quiet satisfied with the results!

I was worried if this waterless wash would harm the paint on car but it did not and cleaned it without scratching and left a great shine.

It also cuts the time I use cleaning my car drastically. The liquid comes in form of a concentrate so a little goes a long way.

I would definitely recommend it for light dust and dirt.


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