Monogrammed hand Towels


The Gold Monogrammed Ivory colored bathroom hand towels came packed separately each – a set of 4 towels. These towels are strong but not very thick. The top layers is soft like microfiber towels and the inside is rough cotton which enables good absorption. They are light too even though they are made of 100 % cotton.

These hand towels are very nice looking and large enough for that purpose, so that only one will be used at a time.
The quality and design is good and very attractive. The quality of hand towels are comparable to what you purchase in department store.

I have not used them yet but they look great on my bathroom counter in the holder which I have purchased for them. They encourage family and guests to use them rather than a towel which many people may be using, therefore spreading germs. They look beautiful in the holder. They don’t shred when drying your hands.

They are pricey but I will be using them when I have company only, so I am fine with that.


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