Women’s Beige Cotton Comfort Incontinence Panties

I bought this for a family member. She needs this when the weather gets cold. I purchased this product for everyday use and found out that it has been a great product for any and all occasions.
It has a sewn-in absorbent pad, which traps liquid but needs a pad that goes higher up to the waist, absorbs and fits well. The absorbent pad is small compared to the panties which are high waisted.

When I saw the package I thought to myself that those are some really huge grandmother panties and no way going to fit the person I bought it for. But later when I inquired I found out from this family member that it was quite snug at the waist and hips but the lower middle part where the padding is, hung too low like a baby’s wet diaper hanging.
That didn’t stop her, a little tack here and there with the thread and needle and now says that she has been wearing it at home most of the time because it is so comfortable and provides security from having any accidents. The material appears to be very thin but,  hopefully it will be good for at least 200 washes.

They do holds slight moisture well, great for heavy sleepers and if you have to hurry to the restroom, no more changing clothes in the middle of the night. This product is comfortable enough to use outside the house too.

They are machine washable and so far washes and dries well.


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