Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Hook

There is not much one can say about hooks but here I go. These “S” shaped hooks come in three sizes small, medium and large. I bought the large size. The measurements on the listing pictures are correct. S = 6.5cm, M = 8.5cm, L = 10.5cm.
They’re made of heavy gauge steel with ball ends on both sides.

The large “S” size fits perfectly over exposed steel beams to hang various items I store there. These “S” hooks are sturdy and can carry the weight of almost any thing that needs to be hanged in the house.
They are perfect size to fit anywhere in the kitchen, closets or any area you want to organize. The hooks are thick in diameter, at least as thick as the rod used to make quality restaurant shelves, so perfect for hanging stuff off restaurant shelves, Or ceiling racks.

I know a lot of people use them to hang their pots and pans on them in the kitchen. You can use them in your garage to hang stuff from too. I also use them to organize my purses in my closet. They are awesome to help organize your house.


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