Ecstasy Soaps

The outside packaging is beautiful and very impressive with a magnet closure box. But when you open the pack the soaps are all open and not individually packed, because of this the fragrance is all mixed together. It was difficult to tell which soap is of which fragrance without using it. Also the box does not have the fragrance of the 9 soaps listed anywhere on the box. So if you gift it the receiver will be left with guess work. However the fragrances are noted in the product description and they are Lavender, White Gardenia, Rose, Linden, Green tea, Sage, Honey Almond, & Coconut

Having said this the soaps are good. They leave the face and hands clean, refreshed, with no residue.
The white soap which I used felt creamy and lathered well when using. I like the fact that there is no oiliness after rinsing and there is no strong fragrance. The subtle fragrance is very pleasing and last for a while on the skin.
These are quiet small soaps like those you see in hotels. Actually smaller then those and not very easy to hold when using. But on the other hand this set could be a good idea to make these as sampling soaps, so people can try before they but the full size.


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