Baseball Cap


I have been looking for a casual baseball hats for a couple of weeks now. I saw this hat online and I had to have it. I normally don’t wear white hats but I bought this hat in white and I love it!
This hat is good for dealing with bad hair days, lazy hair days and in-between hair days. It comes with a pouch to store the hat when not in use. Great idea for white or light color hats.
Upon receiving it, I saw that it is absolutely perfect and well made. I was surprised to feel how heavy it is, not in a way that would make my head hot, but just in a well made way. It’s really cute and it doesn’t blow away when a breeze picks up.
I have a small head and it is just on the verge of being the slightest bit on the big side. If you are super petite then this hat may be a bit large but in other cases, I would imagine that it would work for most people.
I know that I’ll get tons of use out of this one! And did I mention it is warm and versatile with fall outfits!


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