7 Layer Universal Sedan Cover with Cotton


This all-purpose cover is designed for use in all environments and will protect from even the most severe weather. The resilient 7-layer waterproof material utilizes a layer of micro-porous film to uniquely allow the cover to breathe.

I put it on my car which is kept in the garage. Since it is not my full time car, I wanted it to stay clean and protected when its not driven. For someone like me who likes to just hop in the car and go, having the right cover was important. This cover was a splendid choice and has been easy to use and is protecting my car wonderfully.  It hugs the contours of the vehicle and wraps it until it is ready to be driven again.

It is made of  soft material that stretches for a body-hugging fit. A cotton terry loop felt liner is woven into the breathable fabric. The polyester knit and cotton liner provide a soft, cushy feel to the cover, which also gives it enough bulk to provide protection against dings and dents, UV rays, rain, snow, dirt , dust and heat. This car cover comes with a free matching storage bag.

It also comes with a three year warranty.


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