Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat and glove

I use so many make-up brushes and never get to clean them up as frequently as I like too due to me always being in a hurry. Cleaning makeup off brushes takes times and foundation is always so hard to get out. Anyone who uses makeup knows this. With these pads, it makes cleaning easier.
I saw this product on here long time ago but avoided buying it as I was very skeptical. I somehow  ended up buying one ultimately.
My brushes have never been so clean since I started using this. I use the liquid soap in the pump and I save so much soap and time with this mat. The brushes come out super clean and it takes no time at all! My brushes also feel a lot better compared to when I just cleaned them with my hands and soap.
The cleaning mat has suctions so you can stick to your sink or above it. The mat itself is labeled with the different areas and the 3 steps to get them clean. It also comes with a silicon cleaning glove.
These are some simple silicon products to clean your makeup brushes. Nothing to ‘not like’ about them.


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