Live Infinitely Double Camping Hammock


This Hammock comes in a small stuff sack with the hammock attached to it so it won’t get lost and you can easily attach it to any traveling bag or bike.  Also makes for easy set up and take down. It comes with an additional bag to hold the hammock straps. I chose the purple color hammock with gray sides.
This hammock is made of nylon material which is very soft and comfortable. Not waterproof but you can do that yourself for cheap if you think that you would need it that way.
The straps seem to be well made, sturdy, and have multiple attachment places and has lots of loops to allow it to be used as more than just a hammock.Stitching on the hammock is alright. The nylon is very light and does not look very strong and durable.
What I didn’t find convenient was that the Hammock sides engulfs your whole body and makes it sort of uncomfortable and the material being unbreathable makes it more uneasy and hot. Also have to struggle to get out of it. However the straps are strong and well sewn with multiple adjustments.


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