Fruit Infuser Water Bottle with Full Length Infusion Rod.

The best thing I like about this Nlife bottle is the chemical-safe material it is made of, because if you leave it in the car and it gets hot which happens a lot, you don’t want to be worried about the plastic leeching bad things into your water.
The flip top portion has a small metal loop that can be latched to prevent any accidental openings of the bottle.

Also I somehow like the beautiful cut dimension design of the full length infusion rod inside the bottle.
It’s made of impact resistant plastic so it won’t break if it’s dropped and can handle very cold temperature.

The bottle itself is of good size and the infuser has plenty of space and fits in a lot of fruits unlike my other infuser bottles.
I now take this tough looking little fruit infused water bottle to the gym and outdoor work-out or just about anywhere I go every day.
It makes drinking more water, on-the-go easier for me. It is also easy to clean, and comes with three different bottle cleaning brushes.
It comes with a recipe book with different fruits, veggies and fresh herbs infusion suggestions. I try a new one everyday. You never know which flavor will delight your palate and keep you thirsting for more, which is going to be good for your health.


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