Tastmate Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Shakers





I like the elegant look of the design in the shape of water droplets. I also like the size of these salt and pepper shakers. Easy to fill and looks great on the counter and the table. They are nice and simple salt and pepper shakers, not too big but they are substantial so that you don’t have to fill them up often. The shape fit nicely in your hand so when you use them for cooking you will feel like you have good control over the amount you are sprinkling.They have a nice weight to them, nice “sturdy heavy” feel to the shakers. They are transitional and go along with anything I place on the table. It comes with a stand and the stand is made of stainless steel too. The stainless steel is brushed and I have no problems with fingerprints.
The set has three holes in each. Overall I would say,although not expensive these are nice looking, and functional shakers.




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