Activated Charcoal Odor Eliminator 200g Bag By Moody Zook

This is not my first time using natural odor eliminator bags. I started using similar ones since a year ago and have never looked back at the freshener sprays full of chemicals and stuff that are harmful for health.

These odor absorbers really work and are worth more than they are priced! When you use other odor absorbers they work for a few hours but these keep odor away round the clock!!

I placed this in the living room. Food smell always lingers in my living room as it is next to my kitchen. So I placed it there and honestly after a few hours there was no food smell at all. It just a good job of eliminating odor of any kind!
This one by Moody Zook comes in a 200 gram black bag!

I extremely advocate this natural bamboo air freshener, if you are searching for a healthy option to air fresheners presently on the market.


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